Final Project Storyboard

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Rome Opening Titles Sequence

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I chose these titles mostly because I wanted to chose ones for something I had seen, and I was having a devil of a time finding any, let alone good ones. I actually don’t like these credits. I was watching the show with my boyfriend just the other night, and we were commenting on how pointless they seem. The animations and the scenes depicted relate to the show only in that they are set in Rome. Other than that, they are a confluence of unrelated images that dance across your screen at random times. The names are not integrated well, so you end up with static type on top of wild colors flying by. It is hard to look at. And most importantly you don’t get a sense of the show’s plot or characters. Especially in this show, where all the characters are historical figures, it is hard to keep track of which actor is playing which character. I would prefer titles that show me pictures of each character with both the actor’s name and the character’s name to help me keep track from episode to episode.

ANTM Trailer

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The America’s Next Top Model, or ANTM to those of us who tune in each week, trailer is engaging because it is not the typical ANTM commercial, yet it still cycles you through the contestants. Also, the dancing poses the models strike¬†and the synchronized swimming routines they perform related them to music the viewer is hearing. The trailer also draws a parallel between the models we see dressed up in magazines to the paper dolls we cut out as children, which adds an emotional element to the trailer.

Got Raw Milk android app

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In doing research for this assignment, I looked through the many apps that I have on my phone and compared and contrasted them. What was similar amongst them? What stood out? What worked well? What didn’t?

I concluded that I liked having the name of the app displayed prominently so that even when my phone goes to sleep, and I turn it back on, I still know where I am.

I like bright colors and interesting graphics. I like simple navigation buttons that are big enough for my finger to touch comfortably without accidentally hitting the button next to it.

I also thought about what I like in a webpage. I am partial to tabbed navigation so it is easy to tell where you are and where you could go. I like a unified theme throughout the site.

All of these thoughts led me to this: 


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I chose to do a vegetarian recipe site because I like to cook, my sister is a vegetarian, and I used to be a vegetarian for six years, so I know how hard it can be to find interesting, flavorful dishes.

I chose a warm, bright color palette to appeal primarily to women, since my sister and I are women, so I most closely identify with them. I pulled the pictures and text from’s vegetarian section.

I chose a three-column structure to maximize my content and to stretch my abilities. I actually had to draw out the divs to figure out where to put everything.

My biggest challenge was dealing with conflicting CSS.

Midterm Update

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For my midterm project research, I did Google searches for “food history,” which turned out to be really boring, and “recipes,” which is what I decided to focus on.

I will be redesigning

I love to try out cooking new recipes, so I thought this would be a fun way to delve into it.

MoMA Redesign

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MoMA Redesign

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I decided to use much of the same content as the original homepage. I simply reorganized it so that the main navigation is easy to find up top along with the search box and the sign in link. I feel like these are the elements of a site to which viewers most need access, but the original homepage hid them at the bottom, then made it even more confusing by adding subnavigation in the upper left. For the rest of the site, I would have the subnavigation directly below the main navigation, with a selected state for each so that you can easily tell where you are in the site. As it is right now, it is easy to get lost and have no idea how you got there or how to get back, aside from the browser’s back button. The breadcrumbing at the top can be easily missed as it is very small in comparison to the other page elements, like the dynamic flash presentation of the museum’s exhibitions, and doesn’t contrast much with the background color. I also kept the grid layout because, as discussed in class, this is a website where content changes quite frequently, and the grid allows for easy swapping of images.

Hello world!

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Hey, guys. I have a website in addition to this blog. It is still under construction and needs a lot of tlc, but it is up and running.